Live Fast Dye Your Hair

Like a lot of girls growing up in Northern California listening to Black Flag, Minor Threat and the Circle Jerks I have always bleached my hair platinum blonde. This was a bit of a problem when I first found out I was pregnant. Harsh chemicals and developing life forms do not mix. Most dyes, not just bleach, contain harsh chemicals and when applied directly to the scalp can enter your blood stream, which is also now your baby’s blood stream. This can be especially harmful during your first trimester when your baby is developing.

This is where you call in the experts your doc. and a knowledgeable hairdresser. I first consulted with my doc. and she pretty much told me what I expected. Bleach when applied directly to the scalp is bad for the above mentioned reason(it can get into your blood). Highlights, that do not touch the scalp, can be an option but there is still a small risk involved. Most women choose to wait until the second trimester to highlight their hair, when there is much less risk involved because your baby has developed and is now just growing. The best and safest option is to forgo all the chemicals and go with a semi permanent that has no ammonia or peroxide. This option is safe at any stage of pregnancy. So I talked to my wonderful hair dresser and she confirmed that this was the safest option. Since I could not use ammonia or peroxide there would be no way to lighten my ever growing dark roots. So good bye Marilyn hello Betty! I went from almost white blonde to a medium brown to match my roots.

I strongly believe selfies are only ok if there is a dog involved






Make sure you choose a hairdresser that you trust and that knows what they are doing. The woman I go to is the mother of two so she knows whats up. You always need to let them know you are pregnant and what your needs are(no ammonia or peroxide) because some semi permanent dyes still have the harsh chemicals. Also make sure your hair dresser knows about your cruelty free lifestyle and is willing to work with you to find products that fit your morals. I live in California so most people are pretty understanding. If you live somewhere else you may have to call around a bit more.

As far as home dying I can’t really speak too much to that. I tend to err on the side of caution and go to a professional. Keep in mind that some semi permanent dyes still have the harsh chemicals. If you do decide to dye your hair at home make sure you are using semi permanent with¬†no ammonia or peroxide. I would even call a salon or beauty supply store and ask for recommendations. Again lightening will not be an option. You are limited to your shade or darker if you choose this route.

At the end of the day as hard as it was to give up being blonde I felt like I made the right choice with the least risks possible. Talk to your doctor and they will help you make the right decision for you.