Find the KitchenAid Stand mixers too expensive? Try these alternatives out

KitchenAid stand mixers are the best out there but they are a little pricey which begs the need for stand mixers which can offer you the same level of mixing but at a lower cost. So, we reviewed a lot of stand mixers and finally found these 4 stand mixers which could be a good substitute for your KitchenAid stand mixers while not burning a hole in your pocket.

CuisintArt SM-55

One of the best affordable stand mixer, this model provides you all the features and functions of a KitchenAid stand mixer but at a price of just $270 which is quite less in comparison to a KitchenAid stand mixer. This model comes with a 5.5-quart bowl and a 800-watt motor which can perform efficient mixes on a lot of ingredients with ease.

It also includes 12 speed-settings, tilt-head feature and offers you the option of a slow start function and an automatic shut off feature which comes quite handy. It can also use several attachments which makes it a popular choice for most people.

Breville Pick and Mix Hand and Stand Mixer

Another great substitute for the KitchenAid stand mixer is this Breville’s two-in-one mixer which can work both as a hand mixer and a stand mixer. This mixer includes rotating beaters and rotating bowl which makes mixing more efficient and consistent.

Its 380-watt motor and 10 level speed settings make it an attractive option to most people and with its 2L bowl capacity, you can mix a lot of ingredients at a time. It also offers you many attachment options which make this stand mixer a pretty good deal at just 50 euros.

VonShef Stand Mixer

Yet another great stand mixer which is a much better substitute to your KitchenAid stand mixer with its 5.5-quart bowl and 1200-watt motor. This stand mixer can perform heavy mixes easily and with its 6-speed settings, pulse function and planetary mixing motion, you can be sure that the mixture is going to be consistently mixed.

This stand mixer is a great choice for all those aspiring chefs and can help in baking large cakes and with its stainless steel model and splash guard feature, you can be sure that the mess will be to a minimum and you can bake to your heart’s content without worrying about cleaning.

Andrew James Electric Food Stand Mixer

The last but not the least, Andrew James Electric Food Stand Mixer is another great choice for all those people who are looking for KitchenAid stand mixer features but at a lower price. This model includes a 5.2-quart bowl and a 800-watt motor with 6-speed settings a pulse function which makes it easier to mix consistent mixtures.

It also offers you’re a robust gear mechanism which can ensure the durability of this product and with so many attachment options, you can easily make anything that you want including ice cream and pasta. In fact, its silicone spatula is a nice touch to ensure that your stand mixer lasts for a long time to come.

My Review of the KitchenAid Professional 600 Stand Mixer


Stand mixers prove to be really useful in a consistent mixing of large and small ingredients together and are really helpful for beating cake batter and other type of whisking activities. While there are a lot of Stand Mixer models out there, KitchenAid Professional 600 Stand Mixer is the best investment you could ever make.

At just $450, it is deemed a little expensive but worth the money as it can be used for both home and commercial purposes. It provides enough versatility to fit the needs of a beginner baker to a professional chef and is known to provide high efficiency even after years of use. We have reviewed this model to inform you about its various pros and cons and below is our verdict for this quality brand stand mixer model.

Overview of the Company

KitchenAid is the best stand mixer company with a large satisfied customer base and its name purports its long-lasting products which usually come in a sleek design making them look and feel great. Also known for its excellent performance, this is the brand to go for when deciding to buy a Stand Mixer for your home or commercial purposes.

Technical Info

Length of the mixer is about 15 inches and Width  around 11 inches and it’s 16.5 inches tall. Moving it around can be tough as it weighs around 25 lbs. It has a Die-cast zinc and aluminum housing to keep it rust free.

Features you should know about

  • Lift bowl design making it easier to fix the bowl and add ingredients to the mixture.
  • Powerful motor at 575 watt which provides highly efficient performance while mixing.
  • 10-speed settings to choose for numerous mixing tasks
  • Locks the bow securely in the lift arms which makes high speed beating and whisking very easy
  • 6-quart stainless steel bowl with an ergonomic handle for easy mixing of a huge amount of ingredients.
  • Planetary mixing actions that make certain that all the corners are touched while continuous rotations which ensures thorough mixing.
  • It comes with three common attachments: dough hook, flat beater and a wire whisk along with a plastic pouring shield.
  • Bowl is dishwasher-safe and hence easy to clean.
  • Its attachments can be manually cleaned with the help of a damp cloth.



It’s easy to use as it comes with a user manual and perfect for large gathering due to is high power motor and 10 speed settings which make it capable of mixing a lot of ingredients in a single batch. Also it’s easy to clean and store and can brighten up your kitchen with it’s wide range of colors.


Not only will this mixer burn a hole in your pockets but it also tends to be a little noisy.  The beaters and dough hook need to be quickly cleaned and dried to maintain their coating plus the bowl-lift design becomes a little cumbersome some times.


This unit is compatible for both personal and commercial use, making it the best model for an amateur baker and a professional chef alike. With its high power mixer and numerous speed settings, it is perfect for most of the mixing activities and can help in baking of large quantities of cake in a single batch. Its metal coating and bowl-lift design ensure durability and ease of use and makes it the perfect choice for a lot of individuals.


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