Homemade Almond Milk Recipe

I recently was gifted a brand new Ninja blender. I know, I know, all vegans are obsessed with their blenders. In addition to my morning smoothies, I was looking for other things I could make with this high powered blending device. I stumbled on recipe after recipe for almond milk. I recently became a fan of almond milk (my first love being soy, of course) so I thought it was worth a try. It is super easy and fun to make. As far as costs go, I am not sure if you really save any money by making it yourself. Pre-made almond milk is very affordable and raw almonds are pretty pricy. The cost per gallon is probably about the same for both homemade and pre-made. That being said, it tastes great and if you are anything like me your DIY ethic compels you to take on projects like these. It was a super satisfying experience and if you are at all interested in giving it a try you should.

What to Do

Step One (the soak)
Take one cup of almonds and put them in a jar. Fill the jar with water and set aside to soak over night.Step two (the rinse)
Pour the contents of the jar into a strainer and give the almonds a good rinse. Step Three (the spin cycle)
Place your pre-soaked almonds in your blender and add 4 cups of water. Blend for two to three minutes on high.Step Four (the squeeze)
Cover a bowl or pitcher with a cheese cloth (folded over once). Pour the contents of the blender over the cheese cloth and squeeze out the extra liquid as you go. The goal is to separate the liquid from the pulp. Once you have squeezed out all your liquid your fresh almond milk is ready to enjoy.



What you need

• One cup of raw almonds
• 4 cups of water
• enough water to soak your almonds
• High speed blender
• Strainer
• Cheese cloth